To my angel in the sky

Abortion poem
To my angel in the sky I�m a 27 year old mother of two beautiful girls, my partner and i struggle financially and when we found we were pregnant we were caught completely by surprise as we were using contraception, we hadn�t plannet on having any more children. It wasn�t my babies fault, it was a bigger plan for us and i failed. I would do anything to chang what i have done, now my girls will never know their brother or sister that would have been. I will have to live with the decision for the rest of my life.

To my Angel
To my angel in the sky
Because of me you had to die
I was weak and selfish and now it�s too late
It wasn�t my choice to decide your fate
Now i will never see your beautiful face
And never hold you in my loving embrace
I�m sorry, i know it was so wrong
You would be so beautiful, healthy and strong
You were a gift that i chose to throw away
And i will never forgive my self for that day
I love you so much and i am failed with regret
August 12 i will never forget
One day i�ll meet you and hold you so tight
Until then my darling
I love you sleep thight


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